Athissa Patch 7.3.5 !

Today we have the pleasure to announce a new major update on Athissa with the 7.3.5 version.
Indeed, the time has come to gather your allies and take up arms to conquer Argus aboard the Vindicaar, reach the new allied races and participate in the ultimate battle against the Burning Legion!

After many months of hard work and to thank you for your loyalty and your presence in our community we are pleased to show you the fruit of our work.
It is only thanks to you that the server continues to evolve.

This update announces the application of many major fixes:

- Addition of Argus
- 4 World Boss in Broken Isles Corrected
- 1,112 new Quests
- 147 spells adapted to 7.3.5 (+ patches)
- 6,252 new creatures
- 7,957 new HL Loots

The continuation to the Emerald Nightmare, Tomb of Sargeras, Eye of Azshara and The Maw of Souls will come in the next updates.

Our efforts are focused on PvE HL content, so we regret to announce the closure of the PvP realm. Without abandoning the idea of a future reopening.

On occasion we are happy to offer you 200 AthissaPoints!

Opening of the Server: Saturday, February 24 at 20:00 UTC+1 (Paris time)

We also remind you that we are always at your disposal in case of problems or for any information on our discord server:

Good game everyone,
The Athissa Staff.