Athissa Patch 1

We would like to thank you for your loyalty, your presence among us that allows the server to live and continue to evolve.
Thanks to you many bugs have been corrected and more and more players join the Athissa community!

We have updated our referral system.
It is now simplified and accessible to all.
Do not wait any longer to take a friend under your wing and get both your rewards in play!
To do this nothing is simpler, everything is explained in detail here:

This week, we mainly worked on the following mechanics:


  • Improved fighting in areas of broken islands, including reduced parry and dodge on all hostile creatures.

  • Improved server stability: 24 hours of uptime!

  • Fixed several server crashes caused by spells / creatures and quests.

  • Correction of more than 300 Quests, now functional ( Quests impossible to finish, NPC Invisible, Quests Rewards... ).

  • Correction of more than 15500 Items, now functional ( items « already looted »... ).

  • Fixed multiple spells :








We would like to remind you that we are always available on our Discord server to help you with any problem you might encounter.(

See you soon on Athissa,
The Athissa Staff.