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[Patch] 10 August 2018

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    Fix Warlock class hall teleportation
    Add Challenge Mode
    Fix Draenor Garrison upgrade
    Fix Dreanor Garrison building completion
    Fix "Spatial Rift" (Void Eld racial)
    Fix arcane pulse (Nightborne racial)
    Fix mobile bank
    Fix guild advantage increasing flight speed
    Dungeon Finding (LFG) fully fixed !
    Add all Broken Shore quests !
    Fix Archaeology !
    Fix guild bank gold withdraw limit
    Fix change race/faction to Pandaren
    Worgen & Goblin now start at Human & Orc start zones
    Start working on Garrison/Class Halls missions
    Changed flight masters to suppress positive transforms/shapeshifts instead of preventing starting flight
    Add battleground chest reward !
    Greatly improve Archaeology (by @DrThum)
    Release of "Eye of Azshara" in all difficulties, challenge mode included !
    Release of Nithogg, with loots !
    Mardum Cleanup
    Fix CheckPowerProc crash
    Fix crash battlepet
    Fix crash in SendFakeAuraUpdate
    Core/Unit Fix crash
    Fix blazing soul crash
    Core/Group Fix crash
    Fix Crashing Storm crash
    Fix crash when some NPCs looted
    Fix crash on script updates
    Fix "Throw Trident" usebug
    Fix crash on instance loading on special conditions
    Fix crash if player is a vehicle and die
    Fix crash with spell "Sigil of Misery"
    Fix crash with monk spell "Disable"
    Fix a crash when controlling the Eye of Acherus
    Fix Forge of Light (Lightforged Draenei Racial)
    Fix Light's Reckoning (Lightforged Draenei Racial)
    Fix Light's Judgment (Lightforged Draenei racial)
    Fix Spatial Rift (Void elf racial)
    Prevent mythic key of level 0
    Fix allied races display after polymorph
    Prevent access to paladin class hall for non-paladin or low level
    Fix Legion milling
    Fix warlock class hall teleportation
        Fix southern barrens exploration achievement
        Improve DK start zone
        Lot of work on Deepholm
        Work on Mount Hyjal
        Fix loots for npc 85503
        Fix quest "Finding a Foothold"
        Full spawn of Broken Shore
        Script WorldBoss Sharthos (Release soon)
        Script WorldBoss Nithogg (Release soon)
        Spawn horde embassy
        Fix allied races informations objects
        Spawn alliance embassy
        Fix allied races informations objects
    Wandering Island (Pandaren start zone)
        Fix quest "Battle for the Skies" (Thanks @Virtual)
    Allied Races spawns
        Add all allied races start zone spawns (Thanks @KittensRJerks)
    Mulgore (By @DrThum)
        Fix quest "The Restless Earth"
    Dun Morogh (By @AussieGlenn)
        Fix all Dun Morogh quests !
    Hillsbrad Foothills
        Fix npc spell visual
    Elwynn Forest (By @AussieGlenn)
        Fix quest "WANTED: James Clark"
        Make hogger blizzlike and remove unwanted spawns
    Westfall (By @AussieGlenn)
        Fix quest "Secrets of the Tower"
        Fix quest "Rise of the Brotherhood"
        Fix all "Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure" quests
        Fix quest "Vision of the past"
        Fix quest "The Dawning of a New Day"
        Fix quest "Living the Life"
        Update creature scaling for the whole continent
        Major rework of all spawns (By @gpn39f)
        Fix Sigil of Flame
        Fix metamorphosis duration after eye beam
        Fix spirit bomb
        Fix vengeance shattered souls
        Fix Felblade
        Fix fell rush stuck in the air
        Fix Sigil of Silence
        Fix Sigil of Misery
        Fix Sigil of Chains
        Fix seed of corruption multi-target
        Fix Demonic Circle
        Fix drain soul soul shard generation
        Fix unstable affliction soul shard generation
        Fix Backdraft talent
        Fix haunt
        Fix Chaos Bolt critical chances
        Fix fear
        Fix Destruction soul shard generation
        Fix rain of fire
        Fix Immolate with Drain Life
        Fix Fire and Brimstone
        Fix Grimoire of Service summons
        Fix spell demonic gateway
        Fix seed of corruption damages
        Fix Kidney Shot
        Fix Opportunity
        Fix rupture combo damages & duration
        Fix envenom combo damages & duration
        Fix Roll the Bones duration
        Fix Picklocking
        Fix Fury of the Storms
        Mastery : Fix Shaman heal
        Fix Earth Shock damages
        Fix Consecration
        Fix Infusion of Light
        Fix Flash of Light heal amount
        Fix Crusade
        Fix Fervent Martyr
        Fix Righteous Protector
        Fix Hammer of the Righteous damage spread
        Fix Aura of Sacrifice
        Fix Templar's Verdict giving you holy power
        Fix divine storm power cost
        Fix Holy Light heal amount
        Fix Kindling
        Fix Cinderstorm
        Fix Flame Patch talent
        Fix Ring of Frost talent
        Fix Controlled Burn talent
        Fix Blazing Soul talent
        Fix Mage T21 Fire 4P Bonus
        Added Ice Block's Hypothermia debuff
        Added cast check for Time Warp
        Mastery : Implemented Ignite Spreading
        Fix Portal to Dalaran - Legion
        Fix water elemental
        Fix Ray of Frost
        Fix Flurry visual
        Fix pet freeze not giving finger of frost
        Reduce time between two comet for Comet Storm
        Fix ice floes crash
        Fix arcane orb damages
        Fix Cold Snap & Frozen orb finger of frost
        Fix Brain Freeze
        Fix Renewed Fury
        Fix War Machine
        Fix Execute dealing 10 times normal damages
        Fix Ravager
        Fix Wrecking Ball not removing
        Fix Lone Wolf
        Fix pets health & damage
        Fix penance damage on caster
        Fix absorption usebug
        Fix psychic scream movements
        Fix call of the void (again)
        Fix Shadow Mend
        Fix Shadow Word : Death
        Fix Void Bolt
    Death Knight
        Fix remorseless winter movement speed reduction
        Fix death grip visual, taunt & speed
        Fix obliterate not removing killing machine on use
        Fix Ghoul & Abominations health & damages
        Fix Will of the Necropolis
        Fix efflorescence
        Fix maim stun
        Fix Omen of Clarity proc
        Fix Starsurge empowerments
        Fix starfall
        Fix Whirling Dragon Punch
        Fix Touch of Death
        Fix Chi Burst
        Fix Gift of the Ox
        Fix Power Strikes
        Fix herbalism for Starlight Rose
        Fix Vellums
    Script trashes of Grimrail Depot (By @cooler-SAI)
    Script trashes of Bloodmaul Slag Mines (By @cooler-SAI)
    Script trashes of Auchindoun (By @cooler-SAI)
    Fire Festival
        Release of Ahune !
    Blackrook Hold
        fix llysanna pre-event gates opening
    Emerald Nightmare
        Fix entrance position
            Fix infested ground damages
            Fix some infested grounds not moving to Nythendra on phase 2
            Fix infested ground removal at reset
            Add missing enrage timer for hm/mm
        Fix teleporters
        Fix Razorscale
        Fix Algalon
    Icecrown Citadel
        Fix Muradin Bronzebread in front of Saurfang (fix Saurfang event)
        Fix Putricide attackability
        Fix Valithria phasing + increase healing done from high level players
        Fix Lich King teleport position
        Fix Deadmines weird icicles
        Fix Kael'thas councilors not being attackable
    Black Temple
        Fix Illidary Council
    Sunwell Plateau
        Fix first boss (Sathrovarr)
        Fix Gothik
    Mogu'shan Vault
        Add all scripts (will require database work)
    Heart of Fear
        Add all scripts (will require database work)
    The Arcway
        Release of the dungeon !
        Add all scripts

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