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Christmas has arrived on Athissa !

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With is this year coming to an end, we would like to thank you for your loyalty 
and presence which allowed our server to live and advance. 
As proof, here is a recap of all the progress made since the opening of the server in September:
-Patch Applications : 7.0.3 and more recently 7.1.0.
-More than 3100 quests scripted or corrected.
-More 230 Spells scripted or corrected.
-Numerous corrections on : Graveyards, Flypaths, Profession trainers, Power systems(Combo Points /Chi/Soul Fragments etc...) and Quest Rewards.
-Added NPC in Cataclysm, Panderia and Draenor zones.
-Added portal to Cataclysm and Pandaria zones.
-Added starting zone in Draenor Tannan Jungle.
-Added the shop on the Website. 
-Added « Broken isles » 
-Added the Scaling System.
-Added the new Dalaran zone.
-Added Class Halls.
-Added Artifact Weapons.
-Added Legion quests.
-Upgraded our servers performance.
-Experience rate set at X5 !
-Upgraded server stability.
-More than 800 bug reports fixed on the bugTracker of the forums. 
-Added the new payment method easier and more advantageous to our players. 
All that said, it's Christmas! so here come the gifts!!
To allow you guys to acquire the mount of your dreams, a few of the famous Elixir of Ancient Knowledge( +300% Xp for 1 hour ) or even a bit of gold to finance your flying license.
The Athissa Team offered each one of you 100 AthissaPoints to celebrate Christmas !
Plus we are offering you an extra 50% of points on each purchase from the 16th of December to the 2nd of January.
You will also be able to get a lot of items during the Winterveil celebration that will be happening in Orgrimmar and ironforge between the 16th of the December and 2nd of January.
During the event smokywood gobelins are on the right foot, these festivities announcers send numerous gifts to the noble and deserving adventurers of Azeroth.
There are also gifts decorating the Christmas Trees in Orgrimmar and IronForge.
Keep an eye out for these gifts, cause the only thing they are asking for is being unwrapped!
As always we are always avaible on our discord servers to help you with any problem you might encounter. (
In the name of the Great Winter and The Athissa Staff, we wish you happy holidays!
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